We know that it can be a huge challenge to find the right talent in an emerging industry like yours.

Our specialist knowledge has helped us bring together an ever-widening pool of exceptional expertise and you can access that talent effortlessly with our easy to use CRM. This streamlined system gives you the information you need to make decisions quickly and easily, so you can concentrate on locating talent and moving your projects forward.

Roles we cover include: • CTO • Portfolio Manager • Program Manager • Software Developer • Software Engineer • UX Designer • Technical Artist • 3D Artist • Computer Vision Expert • Project Manager • Product Manager • Producer • Design Architect • Gameplay & Tools Engineer • Maintenance & Support • Sound Effect Expert • Business Development Lead • Partnership Lead • Community Lead • Marketing Lead • Researcher • Prototyper • Technical Writer

We provide recruitment solutions to XR projects in the following sectors


Quickly find the perfect candidate for one-off projects, or for illness and maternity/paternity cover.


Discover a talented professional with the perfect fit for a long-term relationship.

Retained Search

Develop an ongoing relationship with our team, to help strategically develop your workforce.

Talent Retention

Motivate and engage your people to foster a resilient workforce now and into the future.


Architecture Construction & Engineering (ACE)

Design & construction, education & training, safety management, construction assembly procedures, sustainability analysis

Automotive & Transportation

Virtual prototyping, augmented training, immersive showrooming, AR navigation systems and manuals

Higher Education

Visualisation, remote learning & collaboration (anytime / anywhere teaching), personalised learning experiences

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Front-line patient care, doctor & surgeon training, AR headsets for surgical procedure planning, VR for drug design and discovery

Gaming & Entertainment

User interfaces, haptic feedback, imbedded avatar game mechanics, six degrees of freedom (6DOF), immersive story-telling, live events

Manufacturing & Industrial Engineering

Product development, safety training, strategies for streamlining warehousing & fulfilment and reducing costs

Telecommunications & IT

AR-based equipment / inventory inspection & consultation, field service management and maintenance, remote support

Consumer Goods & Retail

XR wearables, immersive brand experiences & customer entertainment (both online and in store)

Banking, Financial Services & Insurance (BSI)

Virtual digital bank branch, contactless payment experience, insurance investigation, data visualisation & mobility.

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